About Us

Our story began in 2005 as a line of premium cotton tees. With an enduring commitment to quality, COIN 1804 has since evolved into a complete lifestyle collection of ready-to-wear knits. Our vision is to create timeless silhouettes that seamlessly blend style and comfort.

Our brand's roots are in downtown Los Angeles, where the urban culture is a source of continual inspiration. COIN 1804's design aesthetic strikes a balance between luxe and casual, reflective of our belief that sophistication lies in simplicity. We strive to dress the contemporary woman with stylish ease for every moment.

COIN 1804 is available at specialty boutiques across North America, major retailers, and coin1804.com. As we continue to expand our full range of high quality essentials, COIN 1804 remains grounded in our core philosophy to embody effortlessly chic style for the modern woman.